This is a personal project where I decided to do something based on illustration. I wanted to develop my drawing skills and as I like creating things with my hands I wanted to do that as well.
It was supposed to be a book, but I realised a regular book was too unimaginative, and i decided to challenge the definition of a book.
The finished product is a wooden box where the sheets work as the pages of the story being told. You pull out the sheets to move through the story, and put them in the back of the box. 
The story
The story is an old Norwegian folktale about a fox and his wife living in the old norwegian woods. The Fox dies after eating to many hen from the hen house, and The Widow is left alone with her servant girl.
Different suiters come to the house to propose to The Widow. On their way they meet an old hag who is stuck in a tree stump and a happy hare hopping along the way. Both The Bear and The Wolf is rejected by The Widow, but lastly a fox come knocking on the door. The Widow is spellbound by his handsome looks and his red coat and it doesn't take long until they get married and live happily ever after. 
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