The self promotion I created at uni. The aim of the project was to think about what kind of job we wanted to end up in wether it was freelancing, in a graphic design burea or as the graphic designer/typographer/web-designer etc, in a company.

The criteria was that we made something that we could send to or leave at studios or other places. Giveaways. It also had to feature som of our previus work.

What I came up with was a totebag that would be like a goodie-bag with treats like businesscards, posters, keychain, portfolio-booklet and other stuff.
Because of some difficulties with the printing company, I had to paint the logo on to the totebag. Turned out OK.
Keychain-booklet with information about me, contact information and teaser photos of a few projects.
Business cards. The idea is that the shape of the M is what "holds" the profile, together with typography, and that color or pattern/texture varies.
The poster. Was planning to have 3-5 posters, but this is the only one I'm pleased with so far.
Container for the poster(s).
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