A magazine with the theme Graphic Design. 
Three different covers was required, as well as a six-page main spread. All photos are taken by me and text is cut-and-pasted from different websites.
Page 1-2. Ads borrowed from adeevee.com.
The organisation for the blind in Norway has startet a campaign to make designers and others increase font-sizes so that people with bad vision can easier read packaging, subtitles and so on..
A photo-article. I found different graphic stuff on stores that are pretty cheap, like IKEA, Søstrene Grene, TGR.. Because the target group for the magazine is people 18-24 years old, I imediately thought of students, and they are usually short of money. 
Interview with a graphic design-student. 
The colofon on the left and an ad on the right. Ad borrowed from adeevee.com.
The Magazine also had a tablet-version.
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